Copyright: Using YouTube

Copyright advice on creative rights regarding research submissions to the Repository.

Thinking of utilising YouTube content in your work? Here are some useful points to keep in mind to say as copyright compliant as possible.

How to Use YouTube

If you are able to find the material you need on Box of Broadcasts (see above) then this would be the preferable means of access. However, if you are unable to source a clip from BoB, then the use of YouTube videos may be permissible under the following conditions:

  • It is for non-commercial purposes.
  • The video is illustrative, meaning that it demonstrates or further supports the educational point that you are making, rather than being a decorative addition to your work.
  • The video is short and to the point– it falls under ‘fair dealing’.
  • The video is fully attributed (remembering your department’s referencing system) and doesn't just a link underneath alone as credit.
  • If you are able to, you should source the clip from the official channel who own the rights to the material, such as a film studio or television network.
  • If you are using YouTube content in a presentation assignment, you must embed the video into the presentation (Microsoft Support). The video should not simply exist as an external link or open as a separate window in your internet browser.


Locating Creative Commons licensed videos in YouTube

YouTube also hosts a variety of Creative Commons licensed material. To locate and identify these, simply search for the relevant material. Once these are displayed, select Filter (top left corner) - Features (on the right side of the screen) - 'Creative Commons'. CC licensed videos will then be displayed (the licence will be included in the description box of the video).  

YouTube hosts a page on their site for further information on copyright and use of the platform: