Company Information: Getting Started

This guide brings together useful information about finding company and industry related data.

This guide brings together useful information about finding company and industry related data.

"I am currently working on a marketing strategy portfolio, and was wondering where I could find information about competitors?"

If you are studying a Business related subject you will soon become very familiar with having to do research like this.

Explore the company's website

The best place to start finding information on a company is the company’s own website. Most well-known public companies will have excellent web pages with a wealth of company information and data.

Once you have found the home page, start looking for these types of phrases as links:

Investor Relations; About Us; Shareholder Information; Company. 

When you have located a suitable link, click on it and you should be able to find:

  • Press Releases & Company Announcements
  • Latest and Previous Annual Reports & Accounts
  • Presentation to Analysts (Sometimes)
  • Current and Historical Share Prices
  • Brokers’ Reports (Occasionally)
  • SEC filings e.g. 10-K’s  (US public companies only)


Each company website is different and will not necessarily contain the same information nor use the same descriptions as above.


Key Resources

Depending on the angle your are researching companies from you might look for these common data types.

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