Copyright: BCU OA Repository

Copyright advice on creative rights regarding research submissions to the Repository.

A combination of clauses in the research student agreement form and the BCU IP Policy clarify our position on research submissions to the Repository.

BCU own the IP but copyright of the final thesis remains with the student whilst simultaneously we retain a royalty free right to use the content for non-commercial purposes.

What Do I Need to Know?

The sections in the student agreement to highlight are:

9.1.3 Copyright of your final thesis is held by you and you agree to grant to the University a worldwide non-exclusive, royalty-free licence to use the content of your final thesis for non-commercial purposes. 


9.2 Intellectual Property:

9.2.1 The ownership of intellectual property arising from, or directly attributable to, your Research Degree Programme will be governed by the University’s Intellectual Property Policy.


9.2.2 As a PGR student in receipt of a PhD Classic DTG, you will normally assign to the University ownership of any Intellectual Property (IP) arising from, or directly attributable to, your Research Degree Programme. In exchange, if the IP is exploited commercially by the University, you would receive exploitation rewards as if you were a member of the University staff, further details can be found in the University Intellectual Property Policy.


9.2.3. Where the PhD Classic Doctoral Training Grant and Research Degree Programme involves research collaboration with, or is sponsored by, an external organisation, Annexes additional to the PGR Agreement may be required to govern any specific additional requirements relating to Confidentiality and Intellectual Property. These Annexes will constitute part of your PhD Classic Doctoral Training Grant and Research Degree Programme.


In relation to Research Students, Section 5.1.1 (ii) of the BCU IP Policy states:

“If Students are undertaking a research programme of study (for

example a PhD), in the first instance as a condition of enrolment the University reserves the right to request that, IP is assigned to the University and the Student concerned will execute any relevant

documents required to enact the assignment.”


Section 5.2 of the BCU IP Policy states in relation to licenced use of student created materials:


"5.2.1 Each Student grants the University a non-exclusive, royalty free, perpetual and irrevocable, worldwide licence to use the IP they create or develop in connection with their university studies to the University in the course of their studies for the following purposes:


  1. educational, training and research purposes;


  1. non-commercial research; and


  1. the University’s marketing and promotional needs.



5.2.2 The above licence shall remain in existence for so long as the relevant IP right remains in existence.


5.2.3 The University shall also be able to grant rights (such as a sub-licence) to others as part of the licence granted to the University above.”