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Acting, Stage & Theatre: Journals

What are Journals and Why Use Them?

A periodical is a publication which occurs at regular intervals. This may include annuals, bi-annual (twice a year), tri-annual (three times a year), quarterly, bi-monthly (every 2 months), monthly, fortnightly, weekly and daily.

These publications may be reference works such as directories and yearbooks, newspapers, leisure and special interest magazines, interest society magazines, newsletters, professional news publications, trade magazines and academic journals publishing scholarly articles.

Periodicals may be published in print or electronic form.

A Journal was originally something published daily and this still appears in the title of some newspapers such as The Journal, a local newspaper covering the Newcastle-upon-Tyne area. However, these days it usuall means a scholarly periodical.

The Library subscribes to all of these types of periodical and there is a list of them in the box below.

Periodicals and journals are published much more frequently than books and with a much smaller delay.

  • This means that they can respond to topical issues, publish the latest research and generally provide the most up-to date information. Journals articles help you to keep on top of the latest developments in your subject.

Articles are generally shorter than books.

  • This means that articles can be more focussed and cover narrower and more individual or specialised topics.
    Journal articles can provide literature for a topic which you have chosen for yourself such as the subject of a dissertation.

Scholarly journals are peer-reviewed. This means that the editors of the journal who decide on whether an article may be published or not have a academic standing and are therefore able to assess the quality of the articles submitted and turn down those which are not of a high enough standard.

Most articles in scholarly journals include a statement of methodology and a bibliography or list of references.

An increasing number of Journals, especially peer-reviewed, scholarly ones, are now electronic.

The contents pages of most electronic journals may now be browsed on their website - simply search the internet for them. To browse a journal to which we subscribe and offer full-text access go to our A-Z of eJournal Titles.

To search for articles supplied by the Library use Summon at the top of the Library Page but don't forget to tick the green JOURNAL ARTICLE box first.

Journals supplied by your Library

Actors' yearbook

Journal of interdisciplinary voice studies


Theatre research international


Journal of singing

Stanislavski Studies

Theatre survey

Applied theatre research

New theatre quarterly

Theatre journal

Theatre, dance and performance training

Contemporary Theatre Review

Plays international

Theatre notebook

Voice & speech review

Journal of dance & somatic practices

Screen international

Theatre record


Some Acting Journals

Journal of Singing
The Stage
Theatre Forum
Theatre Record

Key Journal Articles

Some Key Journal Articles on your Reading Lists will have been scanned and placed on our Digital Library.

Search Electronic Journal articles in Summon

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