Psychology: E-books and books

This guide brings together key resources to help you find information relating to Psychology courses.

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Books are an excellent way to broaden your knowledge or start researching a subject. There are multiple ways to find and get relevant books:

  • Resource lists prepared by your lecturers and librarians
  • The Library Search box on every page of the library website
  • Browse shelfmarks or e-book and digital collections to which the library has subscribed for you.

The library also has resources and services in case you can't find a book.


Looking for other books on the real or virtual shelves is another way to discover interesting titles. Look for the shelf marks corresponding to related topics. Online you can browse and search the e-book collections BCU has subscribed.

Finding books on shelfe-booksDigital Collections



If you can't find a book

Learn new search techniques

The Birmingham City University Library Search is available on every page of the library website. Learn how to refine your search results, check an item's availabilitydiscover related resources and build advanced search queries.

Library Search Help

When an item is not in stock

There are many options available to you when a book is not in stock:

  • Reserve a book that is already loaned.
  • If you found a book held by another library, you can request an inter-library loan.
  • And finally, you may also suggest a book for purchase.

Items not in stock


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