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Music (classical & jazz) & Music Technology: Books on Music

New library search platform - essential Information

On 21 July, the Library launched a new search platform, providing a better experience of discovering both print and electronic information.  

Please bear with us whilst we continue to update our online guides with new links to books, journals, and other resources.

Finding Print & Electronic Books via the Library Search

  1. The easiest way to find books is via the Library Search on the Library website.

Books added recently to Library stock.

Electronic Books supplied by your Library

Cambridge Companions to Music

Cambridge Companions to Music provide clear and accessible information on composers, instruments or musical topics, written with the student, the performer and the music lover in mind. Each volume provides a carefully structured series of specially-commissioned essays by leading authorities offering comprehensive coverage and indispensable reference material as well as absorbing reading matter.

Oxford Music Online

Online version of The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, The New Grove Dictionary of Opera, and The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz.

Subjects and Shelfmarks in the Library

Aural Skills                        781.42

Baroque Music History 780.9032

Brass Instruments          788.9

British Music                    780.941

Classical Music History  780.9033

Composition                    781.3

Concerto                           784.23

Composer Biographies  780.92

Education. Music            780.71

Ethnomusicology            780.89

Film Music                        781.542

French Music                   780.944

German Music                 780.943

Harmony                          781.25

Italian Music                    780.945

Jazz                                    781.65

Jazz Biographies              781.65092

Notation                           780.148

Opera                                782.1

Orchestration                  781.374

Organ                                786.5

Ornamentation               781.247

Percussion                        786.8

Performance Practice    781.43

Psychology of Music       781.11

Research. Music              780.72

Romantic Music               780.9034

Russian Music                 780.947

Sonata                               784.183

Singing / Voice                 783

Song Cycle                        782.47

String Instruments          787

Symphony                         784.184

Theory of Music              780.1

Twentieth Century Music  780.94

Woodwind Instruments    788       


What do I do if the Library does not have the book I need?

If the Library does not have a book which you need to study and it is more than six months since it was published we may be able to borrow it on your behalf from another Library.

This is know as an Inter-Library loan and there is information about this service here.

Use the form here to suggest a book which you wish to study but we do not have in stock - we will be happy to consider your suggestion

Key Book Chapters

Some Key Book Chapters on your Reading Lists will have been scanned and placed on our Digital Library.

Music Technology Subjects and shelfmarks

Acoustics 620.2
Audio Electronics 621.3893
Computer composition 781.34
Computer music 786.76
Computer sound synthesis 006.5
Digital audio 621.3893
Digital signal processing 621.3822
Internet Marketing 658.800285
Microphones 621.38284
MIDI 621.3828
Multimedia 006.7
Music industry 338.4778
Recording and editing software
(eg Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools) 780.285536
Recording studios 621.3893
Sound (physics of) 534
Sound engineering 621.3893
Sound recording 621.38932

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