Psychology: Skills and Training

This guide brings together key resources to help you find information relating to Psychology courses.

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In addition to your course, the Library offers online resources, courses and workshops to help you develop your information literacy.

Tutorials with your specialist librarian

image of Susan O'Sullivan, librarianWith access to millions of resources, sometimes the library can seem like an intimidating place. Our specialist Librarians are here to help you make sense of it all by providing in-depth guidance and support in your chosen subject area.

Sue O'Sullivan is the Librarian supporting Psychology. Susan offers tutorials either face-to-face or online via MS Teams.



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Online courses and resources

Information skills for foundation and first year students

During year one, you are expected to be able to identify, locate and evaluate the different resources and types of sources appropriate to their area of study and construct a search strategy using discipline specific keywords and search techniques in the ethical use of information.

This page contains resources that will help you build the information skills required to meet the information literacy learning outcomes for year 1 or level 4. Check the Library learning programme for year two, three and postgraduate students.


Information skills

Navigating the Library: Foundations of Academic Research

The Foundations of Academic Research course (Moodle) is designed for new and level four students or people returning to higher education.

The course objective is to help you:

  • Discover library services and support
  • Identify, locate and evaluate resources and sources
  • Construct a search strategy using keywords related to the built environment
  • Use effective search techniques
  • Get personalised support.

Foundations of Academic Research (Moodle)