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This guide will: 

  • Highlight key people and resources for those students on Teacher Training courses.
  • Be a good place to start your research, as it links to key resources, such as books, journal articles, databases and websites.
  • Link to additional support, such as online Chat and videos.

There are other guides available which may be of interest. Check out the A-Z list here. 

Discover Your Digital Skills @ BCU and Beyond

Discover Your Digital Skills @ BCU and Beyond

Digital Literacy is an incredibly important set of skills in the modern world. Recognising your own strengths and weaknesses will help you improve on the skills you have academically, professionally and personally. Birmingham City University are offering access to the Digital Skills @ BCU Discovery Tool to help you evaluate and boost your digital literacy. Regularly visiting the tool will help you monitor your progress, and measure the differences you are making.

Access the Discovery Tool

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