Paramedic Science: Books and e-books

This guide contains resources, help and support from the library for Paramedic Science

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Books are a great place to start your reading and research.

In this section, learn about accessing reading lists and how to find the books and e-books you need from a huge range of print and e-book titles.

Reading Lists Online

Reading Lists Online provides access to reading lists for your modules.  You can search for lists using the module code, name, or your lecturer's name. Reading lists can also be found via the link on the module's Moodle page.

If you can't find your reading list, talk to your module leader or contact us at Library Chat.


How to find a reading list (video)


Go to Reading Lists Online


Where to find books and e-books

There are multiple ways to find relevant books for your course:

The library also has resources and services in case you can't find a book.