Graphic Design and Illustration: Academic Journals and Articles

This guide brings together key Library resources to help you find information relating to Graphic design, communication and Illustration courses.

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Academic journals are published much more frequently than books.

  • they can respond to topical issues,
  • publish the latest research and 
  • provide the most up-to date information.


Articles are generally shorter than books.

  • articles can be more focussed
  • cover narrower and more individual or specialised topics.
  • can provide literature for a topic such as an essay or dissertation.


Academic Journals are peer-reviewed. This means that any articles published within them have been assessed for quality and accuracy by experts in the field.

Most articles in scholarly journals include a statement of methodology and a bibliography or list of references.

Academic Databases

Academic Databases are online resources where you can search the articles of multiple Academic Journals all at once.

Below are links to Academic Databases which contain articles on Visual Communication topics: