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Financial Information - introduction

Detailed financial information on private companies can sometimes be hard or virtually impossible to find, especially for American, Canadian, German and Swiss companies.

Detailed financial information on public companies worldwide is much easier. Try searching the  library resources shown on right for both public and private companies:

Library Resources

Web Resources

American Companies

ll American public quoted companies must file information with the Securities & Exchange Commission (the SEC). Amongst the many documents they file, is a 10-K. This is the company’s annual report and contains probably more detail than you would find in an equivalent European or UK annual report.

You can often find the following information included within a 10-K:

  • Overview and Recent History
  • Information on Plants, Stores and Administrative Offices
  • Competitors and Market Data
  • Litigation and Legal Proceedings
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Detailed Financial Accounts
  • Advertising Expenditure
  • Information about the Company’s Executives

To view a copy of a 10-K you can choose one of the 3 following options:

  1. go to the company’s website and look for its SEC filings. 
  2. go to and click on search for company filings under Filings and Forms (EDGAR) and follow the instructions.
  3. go to Nexis UK. (see Databases)

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