Graphic Design and Illustration: Design for Performance

This guide brings together key Library resources to help you find information relating to Graphic design, communication and Illustration courses.

Students building a stage set

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Books are organised on the shelves by subject.

The different subjects are all represented by a numerical code we call a shelf mark. This is a 3 digit number followed by some decimal numbers.

The more decimal numbers after the main 3 digit number, the more specific the subject area.

All books and plays are shelved in numerical order according to these shelf marks.

See the guide below for browsing books by subject and recently added books:

Shelf Guide

Recently added books

Shelf Guide

Technical Theatre

  • Costume        792.026
  • Health and safety in entertainment Settings 363.147 
  • Settings (incl. lighting/props/scenery)    792.025
  • Stage management        792.02
  • Stage presentations        792
  • Stage productions          792.9

Culture & Background

  • Cultural studies          306
  • Literature in other languages    890
  • Theatre                       792
  • Theatre History           792.09
  • Tragedy and serious drama    792.1

Applied Theatre

  • Applied Theatre       792.022
  • Community Theatre  792.0222

Recently Added Books