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You Said, We Did: IT issues


You said: The computers at Mary Seacole and Kenrick Libraries are too slow to log in.


We have forwarded your comments to the IT Department and they will investigate.





You said: Since the arrival of additional students, and since the 3rd floor computer room has closed, there is a lack of space and computers in Mary Seacole Library.

The Vice Chancellor has visited Seacole Library and is aware that there are space pressures. We are monitoring how space is used with the aim of providing a study environment that our students want.

Whilst we cannot increase the size of the library, there is a lot of new study/computer provision in the new building.





You said: You would like more computers in Curzon Library. You said that there were too many catalogue PCs that could be used as normal PCs.

We are aware that there are difficulties with the numbers of computers available in Curzon.  You are also able to borrow laptops in Curzon to use anywhere on campus.

Did you know that any student can go to any of the PC labs in Millennium Point and use them when the labs are not required for teaching?  Your Union Voice rep has been in touch and we have asked him whether the Union is able to promote this fact to students, as restricting your use of facilities to Curzon means you are not getting the benefit of the full range of facilities on offer throughout the campus.

You commented that we should reduce the number of library catalogues and use them as ordinary pcs.  We keep the number of catalogue pcs under review and yours is the first comment we have received making this suggestion.  We’ll continue to monitor the situation.


You said: You were disappointed that the week loan laptops have been withdrawn at Mary Seacole Library

We are introducing a consistent laptop loan system across the University, and this means that the week loan laptop service has been withdrawn.   

The new system will provide the benefits of evening and also weekend access for the first time, because it will no longer need a staff presence to administer the loan.  It also means that students at City South have better access to IT facilities in the evening or weekends similar to students based at the City Centre campus.  We appreciate the removal of this aspect of our service will be a disappointment for some students, but we do believe this new service adds more flexibility to what is available at the Mary Seacole library.



You said: You could not find a computer to work on in Curzon Library as they were all being used. ​


We have added an additional 26 computers during the Autumn term, however we are limited by space constraints. There are computer labs in Curzon Building which you are welcome to use when the rooms aren’t being used for teaching (255, 261, 262, 265, 269, 312), as well as in Millennium Point and the Parkside Bridge link, a short walk from Curzon Building.  Laptops are also available to borrow from 5 University locations.  You will find Curzon Library is very busy during peak times (11am-3pm Monday-Friday), but we are open 24/7 if you would like to study outside of these times when there is more likely to be a computer available.


You said: On several occasions, the Uniflow printing system has been down.​


We appreciate how frustrating the issues with printing have been this term.  We have forwarded all comments to Digital Print Services who have been escalating the problems to our supplier.  On most occasions, when the printing has been down in Curzon Building, it has been working a short walk away in Parkside.  We advise checking to see if this is the case when printing is urgent.