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You Said, We Did: IT issues



You said: You could not find a computer to work on in Curzon Library as they were all being used. ​


You can search for a PC at Curzon, Parkside and City South with PC FINDER.

Simply visit or click on the PC Finder tile on your iCity homepage and select a building to immediately see if and where a PC is available.  It includes laptops available in Lapsafes.


You said: On several occasions, the Uniflow printing system has been down.​


We appreciate how frustrating the issues with printing have been this term.  We have forwarded all comments to Digital Print Services who have been escalating the problems to our supplier.  On most occasions, when the printing has been down in Curzon Building, it has been working a short walk away in Parkside.  We advise checking to see if this is the case when printing is urgent.