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We're interested in what you have to say about our services and your experiences of using them. Your comments will be considered and used to improve our services wherever possible. Scroll down to the bottom of our contact page to complete a feedback form, with the opportunity to receive a reply.

Library Customer Charter

Library and Learning Resources have developed a Customer Charter which outlines all the ways we aim to provide an excellent service. It also outlines how you can help develop your library service. Take a look at our Customer Charter   

Recent updates

We recently added updates to:

  • Environment (January 2024)
  • IT  issues (January 2024)
  • Year In Review (December 2023)

Latest news

Power sockets 

During NSS focus groups you told us you would like to see more working power sockets. We've conducted an audit to identify ones not working.



School of Art Library space 

As a result of NSS focus groups we redistributed our catalogue PCs to ensure there is one on each floor making it easier to find library stock.



Mary Seacole Library space improvements

In response to student feedback, we've refurbished an area of the Mary Seacole Library to offer greater variety of study spaces for idividuals and groups.



Monitors with HDMI connectors

In response to feedback, more HDMI compatible monitors have been installed at Mary Seacole Library.



Space in Curzon Library

You said the area at the top of the stairs in Curzon Library felt too crowded. So we rearranged our furniture, moving a table and a printer, to make the area more open and accessible.