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We're interested in what you have to say about our services and your experiences of using them. Your comments will be considered and used to improve our services wherever possible. Scroll down to the bottom of our contact page to complete a feedback form, with the opportunity to receive a reply.

Library Customer Charter

Library and Learning Resources have developed a Customer Charter which outlines all the ways we aim to provide an excellent service. It also outlines how you can help develop your library service. Take a look at our Customer Charter   

Recent updates

We recently added updates to:

  • Customer Services (January 2020)
  • Customer Services (May 2019)
  • Environment (1st April 2019)

Latest news

Space in Curzon Library 

You said the area at the top of the stairs in Curzon Library felt too crowded. So we rearranged our furniture, moving a table and a printer, to make the area more open and accessible.



Paper cups for use with water fountains 

You told us you would like some cups for the water fountains in the libraries in case you forget to bring your reusable water bottle.



Drop-in and bookable study spaces

After feedback from our 'Be Considerate' campaign, you told us you wanted a mixture of drop-in and bookable study spaces. These are now available at Curzon and Mary Seacole Libraries.



Books that renew automatically

You told us you wanted to keep your books for longer. We have introduced the auto-renewal function where your books will renew automatically until reserved by someone else or you finish your course.



Saving searches 

You told us you wanted to be able to save your searches when looking for online library resources.

The new BCU Libary Search service allows you to save your searches and much more.



Improved PC accessibility

Following advice from BCU Disability Services, we have installed recommended software and keyboards with improved accessibility features at Mary Seacole Library