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You Said, We Did: Environment


 You said: The motion-sensor lighting in the silent study room at Curzon Library went off very quickly, and at night when there are few people in the room it is very distracting having to move or wave every few minutes to keep them on.


We reported this to Campus Services, and they have changed the timing of the sensor so that it remains on for 4 hours. We will ask security to monitor this.





You said: Plug sockets rarely work in Curzon Library and that it is so busy there is not always anywhere to move to.​


We have reported this to Campus Services. If you tell us that a specific set of sockets are not working then we can report this to be fixed immediately. Often people moving furniture or overloading sockets can cause damage or the fuses to trip. Campus Services have begun numbering sockets/spaces so that it is easier for us to report damage.





 You said: It is too cold to study in Mary Seacole Library.​


We’re sorry that you are experiencing problems with the temperature in Mary Seacole; it is a difficult area to get the heating correct, but we have contacted our Estates department and asked them to adjust the temperature. We advise wearing layers if you plan on studying for a long time in the library.





 You said: Security had stopped you from eating hot food in Curzon Library but you had eaten in there before​.


Our policy is that cold food i.e. sandwiches, and drinks in sealed containers can be consumed in the library. You may eat hot food i.e. takeaways in the library café on the ground floor. 





You said: Mary Seacole Library was noisy, with students raising their voices and being disruptive.


We’re sorry that you have experienced noise disruption. You can report noise to library staff, the security officer outside of library staffed hours, or discretely via the noise text service.

We will raise this issue with the faculty so that academic staff can reinforce the message about quiet/silent study zones in the library.




You said: The yellow ‘quiet’ zones in Curzon Library were too noisy, with students being noisy in groups and shouting down from the atriums. You use the text noise service and it works well, but it is impossible to monitor noise on a constant basis.


We’re sorry to hear that you have had a negative experience whilst studying in the Library.

The security team and the library team take noise issues very seriously and are continuing to look at ways to monitor noise levels and maintain a conducive study environment.

We have introduced zones to the library areas to enable users to select a preferred study space in terms of silence, quiet or group work but we do recognise that more work is needed to promote these areas and to advocate to all users the need to be considerate.


You said: You weren’t aware of any silent facility at Mary Seacole Library as was advertised during the exam period at Curzon Library.


We do have a silent study area in Mary Seacole Library, where you can use your own laptop or borrow one from the Lapsafe. It is located at the far end of the library. Past the printers and through the double doors. Help staff are on hand to direct you.





You said: Curzon Library was too noisy, with many other students being loud and disruptive. You hoped there was a way of getting students to respect the noise zones.


We apologise that your experience has been a negative one. We take noise issues seriously, and are actively working on creating a better library environment, starting with a ‘Be Considerate’ campaign. Hopefully improved signage will mean students can more appropriately choose which study zone they should use.