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You Said, We Did: Environment



 You said: Mary Seacole Library - Freezing!!! The library is really cold. I do not know how I am expected to concentrate in this temperature. 


We are sorry that you are experiencing low temperatures. Your complaint has been passed to Campus Services at City South so that they can investigate further.

The heating is rather complex at the campus, and if the external temperature changes it can have a major impact on how the library is heated.

You might want to take some layers with you, especially if you are studying there in the evening or at the weekend.



 You said: Mary Seacole Library was too cold and that you’d had to study in your coat.


We’re sorry that you were so cold in the library. It has always been difficult to get a temperature that satisfies everyone, especially at the weekend when there is nobody to adjust the controls.  At the weekend it is sensible to come prepared with various layers of clothing so that you can put more on/take off as required.

The Estates and Facilities department have been contacted to ask them to make appropriate adjustments so that it is not so cold at the weekend.





You said: That there was noise coming from level 1 of Curzon Library

The security team and the library team take noise issues very seriously and are continuing to look at ways to monitor noise levels and maintain a conducive study environment.

One of these ways is the provision of the Text Noise service, whereby library users can discreetly alert security to disturbing levels of noise, in order for them to address issues with individuals directly.

Library and Learning Resources actively promote this service to ensure that all users have the benefit of studying in a conducive environment.

There are two silent study rooms on level 1 in Curzon Library (C101 and C112), in addition to the silent study room on the ground floor of Curzon Library


You said: Mary Seacole Library was noisy, with students raising their voices and being disruptive.


We’re sorry that you have experienced noise disruption. You can report noise to library staff, the security officer outside of library staffed hours, or discretely via the noise text service.





You said: You weren’t aware of any silent facility at Mary Seacole Library as was advertised during the exam period at Curzon Library.


We do have a silent study area in Mary Seacole Library, where you can use your own laptop or borrow one from the Lapsafe. It is located at the far end of the library. Past the printers and through the double doors.