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How we can help you develop your employability skills

How Library and Learning Resources can help you

How can the library help me with employability?

This guide will help with:

  • Finding books and journals related to managing your career
  • Finding company information for interviews and applications
  • Advice on managing your social media presence and on keeping up-to-date with business-relevant information.

It also makes explicit the relationship between information literacy and the employment attributes that you will have developed during your time at the university.

Graduate +

Graduate plus icon

As a BCU student you are working towards becoming a professional graduate at the end of your degree and beyond. This journey will be accompanied by the Graduate+ programme. Graduate+ is a three level award programme which will record a range of activities and events in addition to your degree programme. The Graduate+ award will help you identify and reflect on what you do so that you can promote yourself with confidence. Remember, Graduate+ is about YOU and more importantly for YOU!

Employability attributes

Graduate Plus focuses on four key employability attributes which characterize a BCU graduate and which were outlined in the University's Academic Plan:

  1. being a creative problem solver (creative and critical thinking; active problem solving; risk management; decision-making; negotiating and influencing; and putting theory into practice);
  2. being enterprising (positive attitude and outlook; using initiative; leadership of people and of projects; perseverance and motivation; flexible and adaptable to change; networking);
  3. having a global outlook (moral & ethical awareness; social and environmental awareness; self-awareness; integrity; commercial awareness; resilience and tenacity);
  4. being professional and work-ready (digital literacy; communication skills; teamwork and collaboration; planning and organizational skills; time management and working under pressure; conflict resolution).


BCU Careers+ and Graduate+ offer excellent events to help boost your employability skills.

Upcoming examples include:

  • CVs, cover letters and applications
  • Interviews
  • Work experience, volunteering and job fairs

Students can find out more about these events and book a place by visiting this website.

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