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Open Access Resources: Welcome

 Welcome to Open Access Resources Guide

There are many open access scholarly publications such as journals, articles, books and theses that you can freely access. We created this guide to help you to discover open access academic publications that can be read online and used for learning, teaching and research.

What is open access material?

Open Access (OA) means that you can have free and unrestricted access to material produced by academic researchers such as journal articles and books. This is increasingly seen as an acceptable alternative to commercial publication and increases the availability of research output to all.

Is open access material appropriate for academic work?

Like any other material open-access literature produced by reputable publishers and institutions should be peer-reviewed as being of scholarly academic quality.

Can I use this material legally in my teaching and research?

Yes, you may use this material, send it on to others and adapt it for your own use. This type of usage is restricted to usage within the Creative Commons licence. You should, however, credit the original author(s) by citing it properly when using it.


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