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You Said, We Did: Resources

Physical resources


You said: ‘Introducing Phonetics and Phonology’ was a required weekly reading which you were unable to access regularly because it is not available as an ebook, and the physical copies are usually in use at Mary Seacole Library.

It is possible to request this via the reservations system if all copies are on loan.  This book is also available as an ebook via the library catalogue. 

Electronic resources

 You said: You were grateful that the Inter-Library Loans team were able to supply books for your assignment quickly.


Thank you for letting us know about your good experience with the ILL team – best of luck with your research!





You said: The red library iCity tile did not show the full overdue item charge that you had to pay. You cleared the charges that were there, and was surprised to find that a further charge incurred after returning your overdue items a few days later.


The iCity tile only shows charges that have already been generated (on items that have been returned/renewed late). If you click into your full account from the link on the tile, any potential fine that is accumulating displays next to each overdue item. The final fine is only generated once the return/renewal takes place.