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You Said, We Did: Customer Services

Opening hours

You asked if there was a chance that Mary Seacole Library could open for longer hours.​

During term time we are open:

Monday - Thursday           7:15am – 12am

Friday                                7:15am – 6pm

Saturday - Sunday           10am – 5pm

We have looked at our usage figures between 6pm and 12am and at present they are quite low and therefore it would be difficult to justify extending this provision. We will, however, continue to monitor usage figures and investigate an extension of the offer should there be an increase in demand.



You said: The reduction in opening hours over the summer at Curzon and Mary Seacole Library disadvantaged those from January cohorts whose academic year runs differently.


We have recently reviewed 24/7 opening with BCUSU, and after May our overnight figures are so low that we feel it is hard to justify remaining open for extended hours. Curzon Library is still open until 11pm (Mon-Thurs) and 9pm (Fri-Sun) over the summer and we’re glad you have been able to make use of our facilities.




You said: You’d read our iCity pages and believed you could use the computer rooms on level 2 in Curzon Building on a Sunday but that security had asked you to leave.​

We apologise that the information on iCity was unclear. We have asked security to confirm the rules about classroom/PC room usage in Curzon: all rooms can be used during ‘core business hours’ but when the building is only open out of hours for the library (Sundays and overnight) then only the library should be used. We have amended our iCity page to reflect this. We advise that if you are unsure about what space is available on any given day, that security staff at Curzon Reception will be able to advise.



Customer Services


You said: I am particularly impressed with the online chat service as each time I have connected with a librarian their response time has been brilliant and every single one of them have gone the extra mile to help me. 


We take our customer service delivery very seriously.

Therefore it is always nice to hear when our staff and services are appreciated. I have passed on the sentiment to the Customer Services team.





You said: You would like to receive email notifications when somebody reserves a book you have on loan.


Reservations go on all copies of a book, and the first copy returned satisfies the reservation, ‘unreserving’ all other copies of that book. This means the situation can change regularly, so it wouldn’t be helpful to send you an email requesting you return a book if you might not need to a day later. You can check your account via the red library iCity tile to see if any of your items are currently reserved.




You said: You weren’t notified that a book you had loaned had been reserved by another library user.


We are unable to send out notifications of this kind due to reservations being made on all copies.

We do send email reminders before your items are due back, and if you are unable to renew a reserved item we can renew it for one day if you contact the Help Desk. This will give you additional time to return it either in person or via post, where we take the date of posting as the date of return.




You said: You are unable to reserve books for collection at Curzon Library that are showing as available there.  You are based away from campus and would appreciate this option.​


We understand that this can be frustrating, however the implications on staff workload would be immense if we offered a click-and-collect service for books, and we don’t have the resources to offer this at the moment.




You said: You are an alumni member of Curzon Library and you are frustrated at being asked to sign in at the security desk when you have already registered with the library.


Currently, the cards we issue to external library users are not ‘chipped’ for access through the security barriers – they are just for borrowing items within the library. Security therefore have to sign you in as a visitor in order to allow access into the main building for health and safety reasons. 





You said: It was misleading that your online library account only shows previously accumulated fines rather than the final amount owing, and were surprised when your fine increased after returning your overdue items.


We understand that this can be misleading and that it would be beneficial to see this information.  Unfortunately the system does not generate a fine until a book is renewed or returned late, therefore it cannot be displayed on your account prior to the return or renewal.  We send email reminders prior to the due date to help you avoid fines.

Disability issues

You said: The space provision at Curzon Library is not adequate for disabled users. The study room provided for disabled students is often booked up, and has not been adapted with suitable software or printing/scanning equipment. You would also like the lighting to be adjustable.


We are sorry you feel that we are not providing enough resources to disabled students.  You will appreciate that there is a lot of pressure on space in the City Centre, and we have to do our best for all our students. The University will shortly be deploying ClaroRead (read aloud software) and Inspiration (mind-mapping software) across all PCs. There are a number of printers/scanners close by.

There is a maximum booking of 4 hours at a time for the room.  As people book this room in advance, it is not always possible to turn up and use the room without prior booking. In response to your suggestion, the lighting in the room has been upgraded and is now adjustable via a remote control.




You said: I cannot praise the library staff enough. Staff at the help desk are always friendly, pleasant, cheerful and very helpful. They have always dealt with my queries in an efficient and timely way, their manners are impeccable and they all make being a student at BCU a great experience. I feel library staff are often overlooked and therefore wanted to ensure they are given some recognition for the hard work they put in to provide such a brilliant service. I wanted to express how impressed I have been with the entire library team.


We take our customer service delivery very seriously as recognised by our recent reaccreditation of a nationally recognised Customer Service Excellence award. It is always wonderful to hear when our staff and services are appreciated. We have passed on the sentiment to the library team.


You said: The inter-library loans team have really helped me when I've struggled to locate journal articles and they've ordered books I've requested. All the inter-library loan team are wonderful in showing patience and understanding and they provide a valuable service.


Thank you very much for your positive feedback. We have passed on your sentiments to the team.





You said: I had to contact the library about inter-library loans I had. I was really pleased with the help the library staff gave me. Please let them know how much their help was appreciated.


Thank you very much for your positive feedback. 





You said: Throughout my course I have received excellent support, advice and guidance from the library team at Curzon and Seacole. In particular Library staff have been a great help with ILLs which have made my work possible. Thank you


We take our customer service delivery very seriously. Therefore it is always nice to hear when our staff and services are appreciated.

I have passed on the sentiment to the Customer Services team and to the Head of Library Systems & Resource Administration (ILLs team).




You said: BCU library staff have demonstrated excellent customer service and exceeded expectations. Please continue to provide a brilliant service and I hope this feedback encourages you to maintain your excellent customer service skills!


We take our customer service delivery very seriously as acknowledged by our attainment of a nationally recognised, Customer Service Excellence award.

Therefore it is always nice to hear when our staff and services are appreciated. I have passed on the sentiment to the Customer Services team.

Thank you again and I hope you continue to benefit from our resources, services and support.





You said: A particular Security Officer at Mary Seacole Library is always friendly and approachable.


We also appreciate their work and they are very popular with staff and students. We will pass on your compliment.