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Broadcasting & Sound Engineering and Film Technology: Books

Subjects and Shelfmarks in the Library

Acoustics 620.2

Audio Electronics 621.3893

Broadcast engineering 621.384

Computer composition 781.34

Computer music 786.76

Computer networks 004.65

Computer sound synthesis 006.5

Digital audio 621.3893

Digital signal processing 621.3822

Image compression 621.367

Microphones 621.38284

MIDI 621.3828

Music industry 338.4778

Psychoacoustics 620.2

Recording and editing software
(eg Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools) 780.285536

Recording studios 621.3893

Sound (physics of) 534

Sound engineering 621.3893

Sound recording 621.38932

Streaming audio/video 006.7

Video codecs 621.38833

3D graphics 006.693
3D movie technology 777.65
Animation 777.7
Cinematography 777
Computer animation 006.696
Digital Signal Processing 621.3822
Editing films 777.55
Electronics 621.3815
Film genres 791.436
Film histories 791.4309
Film industry 384.8
Film sound 777.53
Film production 791.43
Film reviews 791.4375
Filters 621.3815324
High definition film 777
Photography 771
Screenplays 791.437
Scriptwriting 808.23
Special effects in cinema 777.9
Visual effects 777.9
Web page design 006.7

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