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Getting started with the Library: Referencing

Everything you need to know about using the Library

Why reference?

Referencing adds weight to your argument and helps you to avoid plagiarism: the use of other people's information and ideas as if they were your own. Plagiarism is considered as unethical in the UK and is treated as misconduct by the University.


Referencing guidelines

Links to all of our referencing guidelines are below.

The main referencing system used by Birmingham City University students is Harvard. There are many versions of Harvard, but the one listed here is the version that should be used at BCU.

Postgraduate music students who have been advised to use the MHRA referencing style should follow the guidance on the MHRA website.

All Computing and some Engineering PhD students have been given permission to use alternative referencing standards, such as IEEE, for their thesis and other documents which may lead to academic publications (such as end of year reports) if it will help them in their publication process. Please consult your supervisor(s) for specific guidance.


Harvard concise guide

Click the image to download a copy of the referencing guidelines.