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Project Management: Skills and training


Frustration with referencingIt is vital that you reference all the material you use, quote from or refer to in your work.  All CEBE students need to use the Harvard Referencing System.


Research support

As well as tutorial support for researchers, we offer:

A guide to undertaking a Literature Review – the Centre for Academic Success has also produced a Study Guide.

Workshops aimed at research students, including managing your literature search, using EndNote to manage your references, using Microsoft Word for thesis creation and Copyright for researchers.

Searching skills

Image for searchingThe Learning & Teaching and Research Team is able to provide you with training and support in using Library services and resources. Take a look at the Searching Skills page for further advice.

Searching skills is introduced as a practical activity in your Research Methods module. Designing a critical literature review in project management research is covered by Tong and Thomson in their chapter within Pasian (2015) Designs, Methods and Practices for Research of Project Management, pp. 153-171.

There are three key journals dedicated to project management research: 
1. International Journal of Project Management
2. International Journal of Managing Projects in Business
3. Project Management Journal.

These 3 journals “represent the main body of research in project studies” (Stingl and Geraldi, 2017: 123). You can restrict your search just to these 3 key journals by using Web of Science. This is the approach taken by literature reviews such as Aarseth et al, 2017; Derakhshan et al, 2019; Martinsuo and Hoverfalt, 2019. However, your review may cover specific aspects of project management within industries such as construction, IT and software or the oil and gas industry. In this case, you will need to follow recent reviews in project management (such as Gupta et al., 2019) which adopt the processes of Rousseau et al. (2008), Denyer and Tranfield (2009) or Briner and Denyer (2012) in producing their literature reviews:

A. Formulate the research question.
B. Locating and selecting relevant studies.
C. Study selection.
D. Analysis and synthesis.
E. Reporting the findings.

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