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Music (classical & jazz) & Music Technology: Sheet Music & Musical Scores

Request or suggest that the Library buy Music or a Musical Score

Suggest a piece of music or a musical score for purchase by the Library. which you wish to perform or study but we do not have in stock - we will be happy to consider your suggestion

Finding Music and Scores via the Library catalogue

The easiest way to find music is via the Library Search.

New Sheet Music and Scores


Scores & Sheet Music Supplied by Birmingham City University

Online Sheet Music paid for by the Library

Music Shelfmarks in the Library

You can find music filed by these numbers on the shelves in a room (CZ018) on the left as you enter the the ground floor of the Curzon Library. Check the BCU Library Search for specific titles and availability.

Mixed Instrument Ensembles

  • Baroque Sonatas     785.752
  • Trio Sonatas 785.753
  • Piano Trios 785.763
  • Piano Quartets   785.764
  • Piano Quintets 785.765
  • String Trios     785.773
  • String Quartets    785.774
  • String Quintets    785.775
  • String Sextets      785.776
  • Mixed String ensemble music   785.772-9
  • Wind Quintets     WIND 785.785
  • Brass Quintets    BRASS 785.785
  • Mixed Brass / Wind ensemble music  785.782-9
  • Mixed ensemble music (wind & strings, (percussion))    785.792-9

String Music

  • Violin music  787.1
  • Violin ensemble music    787.102-9
  • Viola music  787.2
  • Viola ensemble music   787.202-9
  • Cello music  787.3
  • Cello ensemble music   787.302-9
  • Double Bass music    787.4
  • Double Bass ensemble music   788.402-9
  • Harp music       787.5
  • Guitar music     787.6
  • Guitar ensemble music   787.602-9
  • Viola da Gamba music   787.42

Keyboard Music

  • Piano music 786.4
  • Piano concertos in piano reduction CONCERTOS 786.4
  • Piano technical studies    786.3
  • Piano ABRSM Grade Pieces   786.36
  • Harpsichord / Clavichord  786.4054
  • Piano duet      786.4956
  • Piano duos     786.4957
  • Organ music    786.8

Vocal Music

  • Cantatas vocal scores 783.4
  • Opera vocal scores 782.1
  • Oratorio vocal scores 783.3
  • Songs    784.3
  • Vocal Duets     784.3062
  • Songs with instruments     VOICE/INSTRUMENTS 784.3
  • Song anthologies 784.8
  • Vocal Music (secular unaccompanied)      784.1
  • Vocal Music (sacred accompanied)      783.2
  • Songs for Children/Schools         784.6  


  • Full Scores      Q780.84
  • Jazz Full Scores    JAZZ Q780.84
  • Study Scores      780.84
  • Facsimile Scores    FACSIMILE 780.81
  • Reference Scores - Individual composers     Ref. 780.81
  • Reference Scores - Anthologies   Ref. 780.82

    Instrumental Music - instruments not specified

  • Jazz (instrument not specified)       785.65136
  • Medieval Music     784.80902
  • Renaissance Music       784.80903
  • Large Ensemble Music

  • Jazz Big Band sets     785.42
  • Brass Band sets        785.12
  • Wind Band / Orchestra sets    785.13
  • Orchestral sets     XXX / Abc (Eg. MOZ / Con for a Mozart Concerto)
  • Vocal sets   A0001 - A3004

Woodwind music

  • Flute music       788.5
  • Flute ensemble music  788.502-9
  • Piccolo music    788.51
  • Recorder music    788.53
  • Clarinet music        788.6
  • Clarinet ensemble music  788.602-9
  • Bass Clarinet music 788.61
  • Saxophone music  788.66
  • Saxophone ensemble music  788.662-9
  • Oboe music          788.7
  • Oboe ensemble music  788.702-9
  • Oboe d'amore / Cor Anglais music 788.71
  • Bassoon music     788.8
  • Contrabassoon music 788.81
  • Bassoon ensemble music  788.802-9

Brass music

  • Trumpet / Cornet music    788.1
  • Trumpet ensemble music 788.102-9
  • Trombone music      788.2
  • Trombone ensemble music  788.202-9
  • Bass trombone music    788.3
  • Horn music            788.4
  • Horn ensemble music  788.402-9
  • Tenor Horn music    788.42
  • Euphonium / Baritone Horn music      788.44
  • Tuba music         788.48
  • Tuba ensemble music   788.482-9

Percussion Music

  • Percussion 789
  • Drums / Timpani    789.1
  • Mallet Instruments - Marimba / Vibraphone         789.6
  • Song anthologies 784.8

Sheet music in the Library is shelved in room C018   

Searching the catalogue for sheet music is not as straightforward for books. Often the same piece will have different titles depending upon the language (Symphony, Symphonie, Sinfonia; Quartet, Quartette, Quatuor, etc. or its nickname (e.g. pastoral, Moonlight, Emperor, etc.). When we catalogue an item we try to give it a standardised title to make it easier to find but please ask for advice if you need help.

  • If you are looking for an particular song it may not have been catalogued individually.
  • If you do not find what you want please ask for help. If we do not have it then e-mail Francis who may be able to order it for you or complete the request form. If you are a member of staff who wishes to recommend material to be purchased you may e-mail Francis or complete the request form. There is also a pink request form available.
  • Some music may only be hired. Francis should be able to advise and help with this.
  • You can access our print and eBook collections through the Library Catalogue or via Library Search.

  • Scores: Full; Study; Facsimile Scores; Collected Works        

    Scores serve different functions and the Library tries to meet all of these needs.

  • Full orchestral scores for study or use in conducting. These are shelved at Q780.84 (Extra large ones at QQ780.84).
  • Miniature / study scores for study or to follow music to which you are listening. These are shelved at 780.84 and are in room C001 with CDs, LPs, DVDs.
  • Facsimiles of composer's manuscripts or or first/early printed editions. These are shelved at 780.81
  • Scores of the collected works or a composer. These are shelved at 780.81
  • Scores of works by more than one composer (or series such as Musica Britannica). These are shelved at 780.82

The sets of parts for Orchestral, Vocal, Brass Band, Wind Orchestra and Jazz Band ensembles are primarily for official Conservatoire performances and are kept in locked rolling shelves. Ask about sets at the Curzon Library HelpDesk.

Individual parts not for performance may be used in the Library but not taken out of it. 

Some sets may be available for non-official performances but this is at the discretion of the Collection Management Librarian for Music, Francis Firth. If permission is granted a request card must be completed at least 48 hours before the music is required. The borrower is responsible for the safe return of all materials and agrees to pay for replacements.

If a set is not purchasable it may be possible to borrow it from another Library. There is a useful catalogue of orchestral and vocal sets called Encore

If if is not purchasable it may be possible to hire an orchestral (or, occasionally) vocal set. A useful source for discovering from whom orchestral sets may be hired is Zinfonia. which requires (free) registration.

The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire pays for the hire of sets for official performances. If you are arranging your own performance then it may be possible to arrange a hire but you would have to pay for it. Contact your Librarian, Francis Firth, to discuss this.

Royal Birmingam Conservatoire Archival Material in Curzon Library

The Curzon Library contains in room C003 the archives of Birmingham City University which includes those of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

More information about the Records and Archive Centre: University Archive

There is a general outline of the collections in the guide to the Records and Archive Centre.

There is an list of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire archive holdings

Highlights of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire archive include:

Birmingham Composers Manuscript Collection

The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire holds manuscripts by a number of Birmingham composers, notably Herbert Lumby.

There is a partial catalogue by Michael Jones of this collection

and here is an updated version

There is also a list of the Herbert Lumby manuscripts.

Sir Granville Bantock manuscripts and related material

The main collection of manuscripts by Sir Granville Bantock, Principal of the new School of Music in the Birmingham and Midland Institute 1900-1934, resides at University of Birmingham but the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire archive includes some manuscripts, related material donated by Lady Bantock and some of the books donated by Bantock to the Library of the School of Music. 

Birmingham Flute Society Collection

The Birmingham Flute Society was founded in 1856 as the Birmingham Flute Trio and Quartet Society. After the Society was disbanded in 1954 the collection was passed to the then Birmingham School of Music By John Slade in 1965 when the Birmingham Midland Institute Building in Paradise Street was closed and demolished.

A more detailed history by Roz Trübger may be found in:

Trübger, Roz (2013) : A historic predecessor to the BFS: The Birmingham Flute Society and its music. Pan: The journal of the British Flute Society, 32(2) 38-41

There is a print copy of the Birmingham Flute Society Catalogue of concerted music 1894 in the Curzon Library.

A PDF scan of that catalogue is available here Image of Birmingham Flute Society catalogue with link to Library catalogue You may also find a PDF of Birmingham Flute Society Catalogue of concerted music 1894

Royal College of Organists

The Curzon Library includes a key collection of music and books from the collection of the Royal College of Organists.

These materials may be borrowed by all members of Birmingham City University Library.

Boxes of Organ Music from the Royal College of Organists in the Curzon library

Accessibility Statement