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Music (classical & jazz) & Music Technology: Musical Sound & Video Recordings

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Rebeca Omordia
Emilie Mayer Piano Quartets 1 & 2
Black composers series 1974-1978
John Joubert Jane Eyre
John Joubert South of the line

Request or suggest that the Library buy a Musical Sound or Video recording

Use the form here to suggest a musical or video recording which you wish to study but we do not have in stock - we will be happy to consider your suggestion

Musical Sound and Video Recordings

The Library has a large collection of Compact Discs, SACDs (Super-Audio CDs), Long-Playing Vinyl Records (LPs), DVDs and and a growing collection of Blu-Ray videos. These are all in Room C001.

To search for these use the search box on the Library website  especially for compilation CDs, SACDs, LPs and DVDs as these will not easily be found by browsing the shelves.

Listening Facilities

Room C001 contains CD and SACD (Super Audio CD) players and turntables (including a USB turntable for recording from Vinyl LP) for your listening and two Blu-Ray players for viewing DVDs and Blu-Ray discs.

The following are good free sources for musical performances but anyone may upload so the quality of performance and recording is variable and performance practice may not be historically informed.

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