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Library Glossary: P-Q

A guide to Library words and phrases


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A patent is the legal protection given to an invention.

Peer Review

Scholarly peer review is when an author's work, research, or ideas is scrutinized by other subject specialists in the same field, before a paper is published.

Periodical (also known as journal or serial)

A magazine like publication that is published at regular intervals. Each individual issue (or part) of a journal contains several journal articles, written by different authors on a specialised topic.

Personal Development Department (PDD) now called Academic Development Department (ADD)


PIN (Personal Identification Number)

A 4-digit number issued when you enrol. Use this to borrow items/access your account on the self-service machines, or to borrow a laptop from lapsafe. 


This means submitting any item of assessment which contains work produced by someone else in a way which makes it look as though it is your own work. Plagiarism is considered as unethical in the UK and is treated as misconduct by the University. The Centre for Academic Success offer workshops on Referencing and Plagiarism. 

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Also called Folios. A book which is too big to fit on normal shelves. Its class mark is preceded by Q or F. At Curzon Library they are shelved in the Rolling Stacks.

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