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Library Glossary: M-O

A guide to Library words and phrases


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A manuscript can be the original copy of a book or article before it is published. It can also refer to  a document that was written by hand before printing was invented. 

MFD Printers

These are the multi-functional devices from which you can photocopy, scan or pick up your print job. They can be found both within the library and throughout the University sites. Simply place your ID card on the panel on the left-hand side to log-on, and remember to log out from the machine when you have finished copying or printing.


This is a general term which can refer to microfilm or microfiche. This is when documents have been photographed and reduced in size to help with storage or preserving materials. 


Another word for a book.

My Account

Your library account which can be accessed via the library website. Use this to renew items and pay charges.

My Assignment Planner (MAP)

MAP is designed to help undergraduates plan and undertake their assignments.

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Network ID and password

Issued to you upon enrolment, this allows access to iCity, Moodle, and electronic library resources.

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OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

The Library's catalogue - an online database which lists a library’s collection of books, E-books, CDs and DVDs and tells you where to find them. Click here to access our catalogue

Open Access

Open Access (OA) means that you can have free and unrestricted access to material produced by academic researchers such as journal articles and books. This is increasingly seen as an acceptable alternative to commercial publication and increases the availability of research output to all. Take a look at our Open Access guide for more information. 


Describes an item that has not been returned to the library by the due date. Fines are payable on overdue items.


Also called Folios. A book which is too big to fit on normal shelves. Its class mark is preceded by an F (folio) or a Q (quarto). At Curzon Library they are shelved in the Rolling Stacks.

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