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Library Glossary: K-L

A guide to Library words and phrases


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A single term or short phrase that best define the main points of your research topic. Keywords are used for searching library catalogues and databases for published material on your topic.

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Online guides to library services for each subject taught at BCU. They contain details of useful books, journals and databases, guides on how to use them and details of staff to contact for specialist help.  They are a really useful place to start your search for information. Click here for the list of LibGuides.

Library Help

Our online help system - incorporates our Frequently Asked Questions, live chat, contact details and useful links.


A member of staff available to help you get the most out of our resources.  Most of our librarians support specific subjects, so check out the LibGuides to find out which staff support your course. 

Library Catalogue 

An online database which lists a library's collection of books, E-books, CDs and DVDs and tells you where to find them. Also called an OPAC. We refer to the BCU library catalogue as LIBRARY SEARCH. Click here for our library catalogue.

Literature Review 

A literature review is a comprehensive summary of previous research on a particular topic.. 

Loan period

The specified amount of time you can borrow an item for. Normal loans (4 weeks), two week, one week, and day loan. 


Items you have borrowed from the library.

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