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Library Glossary: H-J

A guide to Library words and phrases


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The most commonly used form of Referencing system used by most Schools in the University. Click here for more details.

Help Desk

Library staff are available to answer your queries at the Help Desk at each of our libraries. Staffed hours vary, please refer to the opening hours.

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The University's online portal for staff and students.

ID Card

Your University ID card, which also acts as your library card and enables you to log into the printers. You must carry this with you at all times.

Inter-library loan (also known as ILL)

A service which enables users to borrow books and get copies of journal articles from other libraries if they are not held by Birmingham City University. Details here

Inter-site loan

Requesting an item from one of our campus libraries to be delivered to another campus library for you to collect. Log in to the library search, find the item you want and if we have a hardcopy you can request it to be sent to a library for you to collect. 

Information Literacy

Information literacy is knowing when and why you need information, where to find it, and how to evaluate, use and communicate it. The Learning and Teaching team of Librarians can help you to improve your information literacy through their delivery of group presentations and demonstrations, and individual tutorials. Details are on your subject Libguide

Issue (verb)

To borrow an item from the library for a specified period of time.

Issue (noun)

One of a series of a regular publication, usually a newspaper or journal.

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Journal (also known as periodical or serial)

A magazine like publication that is published at regular intervals. Each individual issue (or part) of a journal contains several journal articles, written by different authors on a specialised topic.

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