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CEBE Resources: Construction Contracts

Standard form construction contracts

Lexis+ UK provides a clear overview of standard forms of building contract which have been available in the UK for over 100 years. The standard forms developed over the years reflect:

  • the different procurement methods from traditional to design and build
  • the different risk profiles
  • the differing size of projects
  • the differing types of project
  • the varying demands and expectations of those who own and use or occupy whatever is being constructed.

These standard forms often also have auxiliary documents to accompany them (such as collateral warranties, third party rights schedules) and associated forms of sub-contracts which ensure that there are no liability gaps.

The most common standard forms and how to access them are shown in the table below:

Construction students


Standard form contract Location

Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT - comprising RICS, RIBA, British Property Federation, Build UK, Local Government Association, Contractors Legal Group and Scottish Building Contract Committee)

This video guide shows you how to access these contracts online.

NEC (originally New Engineering Contract - published by the Institution of Civil Engineers but currently NEC4 contract suite of documents) In print
Infrastructure Conditions of Contract (Association for Consultancy and Engineering and Civil Engineering Contractors' Association) Details on the ACE website.
FIDIC (The International Federation of Consulting Engineers) publish their Red, Yellow and Silver books Lexis
MF/1 (originally Model Form Contract by the Institution of Electrical Engineers, combined with Institution of Mechanical Engineers to cover both mechanical and electrical works - now published by the Institution of Engineering and Technology) Details on the IET website.

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