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Copyright: Digitisation Service

A useful source of information and advice on Copyright in HE

Digitisation Service

The Digitisation Service is provided to members of BCU academic staff in order to make digital extracts of texts available to our students via VLEs. 

It is university policy that all scanned extracts are sourced via the Digital Library. Please do not make scans of extracts yourself, as these may be infringing copyright and are unlikely to be accessible. 

If you need to create a scanned extract from a book or journal you are able to do so by:

                         Contacting the Digital Library,                                                               

By completing the online Digitisation Request Form or

             By using the 'Request Extract' feature on Reading Lists Online.

Once your request has been processed the Digital Library  will reply and provide you with a  link to the extract you have requested.

You are free to include the link on your Moodle pages or Reading Lists, or to email it to students on the course but please do not upload the pdf file itself to Moodle as this potentially infringes the terms of our copyright license. 

What can I request?

Digitisation Compliance

Accessibility Features

Scans by the Digital Library are created on specialist scanning equipment and produced as .pdf files with machine readable text.

This means that students who require screen-reader software are able to make use of the same extracts as other students in their cohort.

If students have any specific or additional accessibility needs, the Digital Library can:

  • Create bespoke extracts of copies in a format specific to their needs. 

  • Create a copy of an entire work (unless there is already an accessible copy available commercially).

Student Experience and Resource Engagement

The image quality of copies made by the Digital Library are superior in quality to those made by scanning items yourself on MFDs would be.

In addition copies made by the Digital Library produce engagement metrics, which help inform and justify the resources purchased by the Library and can be shared with Academics if requested.

Accessibility Statement