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Copyright: Copyright of images

A useful source of information and advice on Copyright in HE

Copyright of Images

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In the course of your studies you will no doubt have reason to include images in your work, whether in a presentation, an essay or your final thesis. It is very easy to assume when looking for images (especially online) that because they are free to view and easy to find that they are also free to re-use in whatever way you see fit. However this is not the case.

As with other copyrighted works, it is in important to check the source of the image you intend to use, to seek permission if necessary and also fully attribute the image in your work.

That's not to say this is the case every time you seek to use an image in your work. Exceptions to copyright can protect you up to a point and there are a variety of places where you can source licence free images.

Licence Free Imagery

There are many sources online where you can obtain licence free imagery for use in your work.

You do not need to seek permission and although attribution to the photographer is not mandatory, it is appreciated.

Please also note that these suggestions are provided for guidance only and these sites are not monitored or supported by BCU. Use is at your own risk.
Here are the most prominent examples:




Google Image Search - Quick Guide to show you how you can filter by licence status. It is still prudent to check the licence status of an image once found on Google. A reverse image lookup site like TinEye can help with this.

Copyright Exceptions and Images

Exceptions to Copyright Law have been devised to make it easier for teachers and students to use copyright images in their work in Higher Education, in an assignment or presentation for example.

As long as the use of imagery is in support of a teaching objective and is properly attributed, images can be used.

The use, quantity and purpose of the use must be reasonable, 'fair' and non-commercial as well.

The addition of a simple Image Credit beneath any image used in a presentation (for example) is sufficient unless the image being used is governed by a Creative Commons licence, in which case the image must be attributed in accordance with guidelines provided with the image on the Creative Commons Image site (usually the inclusion of the licence type underneath the image eg:- CC-BY-SA etc)


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