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My Assignment Planner: Evaluating websites

Step 5: Evaluating websites

Tips for evaluating web resources

Not all web pages are trustworthy sources of information. The following tips can help you assess the quality of internet sites.




  • Who wrote it?
  • Are there any contact details?
  • Is there an About Us statement to help establish the standpoint of the organisation or author?

URL: Check the web address for clues: e.g. is the code for UK universities; sites relate to Government departments.



Scope: What is the purpose of the site - educational or promotional?

Style: Is it well presented and logical?


  • Is the information fact or opinion? 
  • Is it accurate and properly referenced?

Currency: When was the site last updated?

Level: Is the level of detail sufficient or is the coverage too basic?

Links: Are links to other resources still working?



Location: Check the web address to verify the country of origin.

Linked: Did you reach this site from an authoritative source?


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