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You Said, We Did: Customer Service Excellence

You Said, We Did


You can send us a suggestion, compliment or a complaint via our Contact page You can see how we've responded to these via the links below.




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About Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is important to the ongoing development of Library and Learning Resources' services. We ask our customers for feedback on an ongoing basis and let them know about the actions we take to address the issues raised.

Customer Service Excellence

Library and Learning Resources has gained accreditation to the national Customer Service Excellence (CSE) standard. This standard was developed by the Cabinet Office to offer public services a practical tool for driving customer-focused change.

To gain the award, L&LR had to demonstrate that we seek to understand our customers’ needs, that our staff focus consistently on providing good customer services and that the services we provide are high quality and easily accessed.


Find out more about CSE at their website: