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ResMAP: Defining the research question

Mapping the research journey for Post Graduate and Doctoral Researchers

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Defining the research question

The first step is to start thinking about what you would like to research. You will not just be writing about a topic, but instead will be focussing on specific aspects, perhaps trying to solve a problem, querying currently held beliefs, or arguing a particular case or thesis. This is about defining your aims and objectives and your theoretical framework or approach.

Your research question will need to be focused as it will ultimately form the basis of your dissertation. The clearer the question, the easier the process.

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This is also a good time to think about who will supervise your research and the learning contract you will make with them. Your relationship with your supervisor(s) is crucial. A supervisor can offer advice, knowledge, expertise, coffee and help to keep you on track.

The University will match you with a lead supervisor who will have subject knowledge of your research focus. You may also be able to choose, usually for Doctoral research, a second supervisor with expertise in your area of study.