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ResMAP: Revision & Editing

Mapping the research journey for Post Graduate and Doctoral Researchers



- Have you acknowledged all your sources?

- Have you referenced accurately and consistently?

- Have you included all of your references in your bibliography/ reference list?

- Have you avoided any breach of confidentiality?

Check early on with your supervisor regarding the preferred referencing system in your field of research.

Revision and Editing

Revising and editing your dissertation is an important process.

However you may want to leave a gap between completing your dissertation and doing this to allow you to take an objective approach and to read your research from the perspective of the reader rather than the researcher.

A review of the content is particularly important. You should read each page and consider the following:

  • Have I missed anything?
  • Have I constructed an effective argument?
  • Does the content of my chapters flow seamlessly from one to the next?
  • Are all of the relevant parts includedHave I included all the relevant chapters?
  • Is my work easy to read?
  • Have you answered the initial research question?
  • Is everything you have included relevant?
  • Do you understand everything you have written?
  • Are you happy with the finished piece?


Text organisation

  • Is there a clear route from your Introduction to your conclusion?
  • Are paragraphs developed appropriately?
  • Do all sections have clear headings?
  • Are all tables and figures clearly labelled and appropriately integrated in the text?


  • Is your language clear and precise?
  • Is it a clear expression of your ideas?
  • Is there a logical flow between sections and paragraphs?


  • Have you carefully checked for grammatical mistakes? Avoid using a grammar checker as they are often inaccurate. Get some help if you do have problems with your grammar.


  • Ensure you use the UK spell check function on your word processing software.


  • Check your use of commas, full stops, exclamation marks etc.


  • Have you avoided colloquial language?
  • Have you avoided personal language where necessary?
  • Is your language as clear and as concise as possible?
  • Is your vocabulary varied, but appropriate?