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ResMAP: Presenting your findings

Mapping the research journey for Post Graduate and Doctoral Researchers


Check with your supervisor for appropriate formats to present your data.

Study Guide 1.17: Using tables and figures

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Presenting your findings


 A clear presentation of your findings without discussion is appropriate at this stage. Significant results, patterns or focus can be discussed in your discussion chapter.

For quantitative data you will need to decide in what format to present your findings i.e. bar charts, pie charts, histograms etc. You will need to label each table and figure accurately and include a list of tables and a list of figures with corresponding page numbers in your Contents page or Appendices.

For qualitative data you may want to include quotes from interviews. Any sample questionnaires or transcripts can be included in your Appendices. Qualitative analysis and discussion will often often demand a higher level of writing / authoring skill to clearly present the emergent themes from the research. It is easy to become lost in a detailed presentation of the narative and lose sight of the need to give priority to the broader themes.