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Customer Service Week: 24th - 28th October 2016: Tuesday

Raising awareness of customer service and the vital role it plays in Library and Learning Resources

Customer turnaround

Moving your customer from complaining to recommending                                       

  • What is our complaints process?
  • How do we action our complaints and other feedback?


What do we do with complaints?

We are interested in what you have to say about our services and your experiences of using them.

There is an online form on our contact page for you to fill in and send to us. Providing you supply your contact details we will reply to your submission.

Alternatively you can contact us via email/text/chat on the Library Help page.

When we receive complaints, provided you have given us your contact details we will respond to you individually.

We also publish a selection of complaints/comments that we have acted upon as You Said We Did

You Said We Did

You said: Security had stopped you from eating hot food in Curzon Library but you had eaten in there before​.

Our policy is that cold food i.e. sandwiches, and drinks in sealed containers can be consumed in the library. You may eat hot food i.e. takeaways in the library café on the ground floor. 



You said: You would like to know if we have a subscription to Rock’s Back Pages and Melody Maker magazine, and if not could this be arranged?

You can gain access to Rock’s Back Pages by visiting the library iCity pages and selecting ‘A-Z of Electronic Resources’ from the ‘Find Resources’ link. This website is listed there.  We have passed your request to access Melody Maker to the Collection Management Team; however you can request specific articles via the Inter Library Loans system.  Some articles from Melody Maker are available via Rock’s Back Pages.


You said: You are unable to reserve books for collection at Curzon Library that are showing as available there.  You are based away from campus and would appreciate this option.​

We understand that this can be frustrating, however the implications on staff workload would be immense if we offered a click-and-collect service for books, and we don’t have the resources to offer this at the moment.


For more examples of how we act on your feedback, visit:

You said, We Did