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Music (classical & jazz): Books

Subject guide for Music (classical & jazz).

Reading Lists Online

Reading Lists Online  provides access to the reading lists for your modules, as provided by your lecturers. Find your lists by searching for module names, module codes or by your lecturer's name.

Individual items on the lists will take you directly to the Library Catalogue to check availability (or place a reservation) or where possible link through to the full text for many e-books and e-journals.

If you can't find your reading list have a word with your Tutor(s) or if you have problems with the site contact us at

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Using E-books

e-books are accessible on or off campus and are easy to use.

Here's a guide to downloading DawsonEra e-books

Here are some YouTube video guides for Ebook Central

Here's an Accessibility Guide to Ebook Central e-books

Here's a Quick Start guide to our Ebook Central collection: Ebook Central Quick Start Guide


Electronic Music Books Supplied by BCU

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Latest Music Titles in Stock

Subjects and Shelfmarks in the Library

Aural Skills                        781.42

Baroque Music History 780.9032

Brass Instruments          788.9

British Music                    780.941

Classical Music History  780.9033

Composition                    781.3

Concerto                           784.23

Composer Biographies  780.92

Education. Music            780.71

Ethnomusicology            780.89

Film Music                        781.542

French Music                   780.944

German Music                 780.943

Harmony                          781.25

Italian Music                    780.945

Jazz                                    781.65

Jazz Biographies              781.65092

Notation                           780.148

Opera                                782.1

Orchestration                  781.374

Organ                                786.5

Ornamentation               781.247

Percussion                        786.8

Performance Practice    781.43

Psychology of Music       781.11

Research. Music              780.72

Romantic Music               780.9034

Russian Music                 780.947

Sonata                               784.183

Singing / Voice                 783

Song Cycle                        782.47

String Instruments          787

Symphony                         784.184

Theory of Music              780.1

Twentieth Century Music  780.94

Woodwind Instruments    788             



Print or E-Books?

The Library has a huge range of print and e-Book titles to meet your needs.

Print books can be a great place to start your research, but remember that demand can be high, so you'll need to plan in advance.

e-Books are a quick and easy way to access material. They are available on or off-campus and can be used 24 hours a day. If you own a tablet device, these books can be viewed easily wherever you have a connection to the internet. These titles also allow limited printing.

You can access our print and e-Book collections through the Library Catalogue or on